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Daisy Lane Veterinary Clinic

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Welcome to the Daisy Lane Veterinary Clinic web site.  If we paid a lot of money we could have a big fancy site with lots of animation and other cool web stuff.  Instead we have this rather simple (and cheap) site that I can manage myself.  I am not trying to provide you with lots of animal information, there are plenty of other web sites for that. I am just trying to give you an idea of what our clinic and people are like.  In a personal business like ours, the only way to really know us is to stop in for a visit.  If were are not too busy we will be happy to show you around.   Sometimes things can be a little hectic around here, but mostly we are dog and cat lovers just like you doing our best to help our furry friends.  If there is any thing I can help you with just let me know.    






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              We close one Saturday a month, so call ahead for Saturday appointments


Dr. Todd (Doc) Dietz

Daisy Lane Veterinary Clinic

7209 N Keystone Ave

Indianapolis, IN 46240

Phone 317-251-7637


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