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Daisy Lane Veterinary Clinic

Our Doctors

Dr. Todd Dietz, "Doc" 


Dr. Dietz here, and I would like to give a huge shoutout and welcome to my new associate. Dr. Marianne Lesh. I have been talking with Dr. Lesh for a couple of years trying to get her to come to Daisy Lane and now she is finally here! She has been in practice for the last 10 years in the Indianapolis area and has a wealth of knowledge and skill from her varied experiences. She is extremely intelligent, caring and understanding with both people and pets. I can’t wait for everyone to meet her and come to know her. I am sure she will delight you.

As one of her first projects she is redesigning our web site and this is just the beginning. I think it looks nice and I am sure it will be more functional than our old one. It is a work in progress, just give us time.

In addition, we have discussed the future and as part of that we will be changing to a more modern cloud based computer system. You know, the cloud??!? This will give us much more freedom to communicate with you in the manner that you would prefer. Please bear with us as these are big changes that will not always be totally smooth. Don’t hesitate to give us your feedback as we move ahead.

And lastly, WE NEED YOUR TICKS. Please bring us any and all ticks that you find or remove from your pets. Just put them in a ziplock bag. They keep well and you can bring them to us at your convenience. The reason for asking this is that it helps us keep up with the rapidly changing local tick population and the associated disease patterns.

Dr. Marianne Lesh

I grew up in the country near Deer Creek, Indiana, between Lafayette, Kokomo, and Logansport. We were surrounded by cornfields and country roads, and I spent a lot of my time outside with my dogs and cats.  I have always loved animals, but didn’t discover my passion to be a vet until later in life.

I started Purdue in engineering, and graduated in 1994 with a B.A. in psychology and fine arts!  After college I worked in Lafayette and Chicago exploring different occupations. While volunteering at a veterinary hospital in Chicago, I found my purpose – It felt like home and it didn’t feel like work.

In 2002, I returned to Purdue for vet school, and graduated in 2006. Since graduating I have worked at several hospitals in Indianapolis including a 24-hour facility, and also worked with experienced surgeons.  My special interests include feline practice, dermatology, oncology, surgery, and critical care.

While in vet school, I met my incredible husband, Bryan Read. Bryan is a software developer, and is always learning something new or taking up a new hobby. He is especially talented at woodworking, playing guitar, and home-brewing! 

Being a vet consumes much of my time, but I try to stay balanced with hobbies and family time. In the summer I enjoy perennial gardening, and Bryan and I love taking the "boys" swimming and hiking. The "boys" are Finley, a goofy Golden Retriever, and Grady, a very athletic Irish Setter.

We also have three cats who we adore - Oliver, Sophie, and Manny,  a Sphynx cat who is king of the household! In the winter, I have fun sewing cat clothes to keep Manny warm!

Our Team 

We understand that in order to provide the best care, we need to take care of ourselves and each other.  We are serious about creating an environment that fosters strong teamwork and effective communication.  

Our team is growing and we are excited to introduce Aubrey and Sandy!   

Wendy Williams

Veterinary Assistant
Wendy studied veterinary technology in Colorado, and moved back to Indiana almost 20 years ago!  She has worked as a a technician at the Humane Society, and several hospitals in Indianapolis before joining us at Daisy Lane.  She has a heart of gold, and more empathy for animals than anyone I have ever met.  She is very humble, so I (Dr. Lesh) had to write this profile for her!  She and her wife Shannon are the proud parents of four dogs, and two cats.  Wendy and Shannon are very outdoorsy, and enjoy gardening and hiking with their dogs.    

Maureen Owen

Veterinary Assistant
Maureen began working as a technician in 1979, and graduated from Purdue University' Veterinary Technology Distance Learning Program several years later.  She and her husband, Greg, currently have one dog and admit to having “way too many cats!” Maureen has one grand-daughter, Devin Nicole, who will hopefully become a future veterinarian. Her hobbies and interests include bike riding, boating, reading, feeding feral cats and cleaning litter boxes!  She also loves the beach, and has created her own beach-themed garden at home!

Our Team


Aubrey Stevens

Veterinary Assistant
Aubrey joined us at Daisy Lane this past April.  She and Dr. Lesh have worked together in the past, and fortuitous timing brought them together again!  Aubrey has over a decade of experience working with animals and as a technician, as has a very gentle, intuitive nature with animals.  She lives with her dog Petey, who has an active imagination, gets the "zoomies" at least once a day.  He visits us often, and occasionally tries to usurp the receptionist at the front desk!   

Sandy Kemp


Sandy joined our team this year, and has been a great addition to the team.  She is full of energy and loves helping clients get just what they need.  She has volunteered with animal rescues for years, and is so happy to be working in a veterinary clinic now.  She is a master gardener, and also makes her own yarn, yes, actually spins it!  Sandy and her husband have two beautiful daughters, and her oldest aspires to be a vet!  

Family and Friends