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Daisy Lane Veterinary Clinic

In all stages of life, our plans are customized to your pet's specific needs.  We evaluate
lifestyle factors, breed, and genetic factors to develop a wellness strategy for prevention,
and early detection of illnesses

Wellness begins in 
puppyhood and kittenhood 

We review the latest research in immunology and utilize lifestyle risk assessment to develop the safest vaccination plan for your new puppy or kitten. 

We offer  nutrition education and behavior counseling to create a foundation for lifelong health, balance, and good manners. 

Staying the course - 
Maintaining wellness 
in adults 

 Through the adult years, we  provide vital preventative care  tailored to your companion's  individual needs and risks.
 We monitor your pet's health with  thorough physical exams,   and utilize customized disease  screening tests based on lifestyle    and breed to detect problems  which can impact this age group.  

The enduring commitment - 
wellness in the senior years 

  We will partner with you in your  

  companion's senior years, to help   celebrate as many healthy  

  birthdays as possible.  

  With early detection diagnostics 

  and cutting edge therapy, we 

  work with you to maximize the 

  quality and comfort of your 

  friend's golden years.