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Dr. Marianne Lesh

Dr. Marianne Lesh

I grew up in the country near Deer Creek, Indiana, between Lafayette, Kokomo, and Logansport. We were surrounded by cornfields and country roads, and I spent most of my time outside with my dogs and cats.  I have always loved animals, but didn’t discover my passion to be a vet until later in life.

I started Purdue in engineering, and graduated in 1994 with a B.A. in psychology and fine arts!  After college I worked in Lafayette and Chicago exploring different occupations.  When I volunteered at a veterinary hospital in Chicago, I knew I'd found my purpose – It felt like home and it didn’t feel like work.

In 2002, I returned to Purdue for vet school, and graduated in 2006. Since graduating I have worked at several hospitals in Indianapolis including a 24-hour facility, and also worked with experienced surgeons.  My special interests include dermatology, surgery, oncology, feline practice, and critical care.

While in vet school, I met my incredible husband, Bryan Read. Bryan is a software developer, and is always learning something new or taking up a new hobby. He is especially talented at woodworking, playing guitar, and home-brewing! 

Being a vet consumes much of my time, but I try to stay balanced with hobbies and family time. In the summer I enjoy organic perennial gardening, and Bryan and I love taking the "boys" swimming and hiking. The "boys" are Finley, a goofy Golden Retriever, and Grady, a very athletic Irish Setter.

We also have three cats who we adore - Oliver, Sophie, and Manny,  a Sphynx cat who is king of the household! In the winter,
I have fun sewing cat clothes to keep Manny warm!